GTF in Digital DNA, Belfast

GTF hosted a timely and exciting discussion on ‘Collaboration & Positive Change: The Impact of Technology​’ during Digital DNA 2017 in Belfast.

The panel session took place on June 7 at 10.30am at St. George’s Market.

For more information please see the Digital DNA schedule here.

We are currently witnessing a phenomenon of constant and quick growth in the use of the Internet and technology for communication and collaboration between people. The World Wide Web has become the medium for collaborative projects. The explosion of smartphones and hyper connectivity open unprecedented communication pathways.

GTF is a platform connecting change-makers from all over the world and creating positive impact by harnessing technology and human networks.It’s an exciting time in technology and innovation and the people behind brilliant ideas show that with passion, resourcefulness, creativity and perseverance it is possible to make significant impact on the lives of others. Let's discuss some best examples of positive action, empowerment role model promotion, let's bring inspiring developments to the attention of students, educators, investors and politicians from around the world that are committed to driving social change.

How can we foster peace, collaboration, joined up thinking for problem-solving, through tech?

Digital DNA is a leading business and technology event held annually in Belfast, Northern Ireland since 2013. It aims to give businesses the skills, knowledge and understanding to implement digital technology into their operations. Digital DNA does this by showcasing digital leaders and what actions they have taken to help them grow and engage with their audience.