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Knowledge Transfer Webinar Series 

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We are proudly continuing the knowledge-transfer webinars as part of our 'Telemachus' and 'Athena' Mentoring Programmes!
We are delighted to offer our mentees and alumni the unique opportunity to learn from global experts during live sessions that will include Q & A.
 Mentees and Alumni from all over the world can now actively engage with our Mentors and knowledge experts, learn from them and raise questions live.

We wish to thank our Mentors and Partners for generously supporting this knowledge-transfer series.

'Telemachus' & 'Athena' Knowledge Transfer Webinars
Experts & Themes

Startup Culture


When you hear about a ‘startup’, a variety of thoughts and images - ranging from intrigue through excitement and even magic – comes to mind. Startup’s come in different shapes and sizes, and levels of complexity, but they all share some common characteristics that we can summarize as the startup culture. There is no textbook definition of what this culture is. It is a veritable mixture of a whole set of components – intuition, inquisitiveness, drive, tenacity,do-what-it-takes attitude and so on. It is very valuable for budding young entrepreneurs, and for others in the corporate world, to be aware, appreciate and embrace this culture. Come, let us get together and explore this concept and share our thoughts. 

Afghan Women: Tales of Resilience & Resistance


The vast majority of refugees flooding out of Ukraine are women and children. Afghan evacuees are often women and children. In these situations women have to show enormous strength and resilience. How do we help them find new lives in a culture and community not their  own. The answers are critically important - not just for the women but for the world. Linda Duberley has reported from refugee camps in Europe and Asia and now works as the Women’s Empowerment Dircector of the Afghanistan and Central Association. She is in conversation with Julie Hall about the challenges they face and how the refugee crisis will change us forever. 

Developing the Practical Skills & Tools You Need to Be an Inclusive Leader


One of the key HR and business trends for 2022 is for companies to sharpen their focus on diversity and inclusion and to increase the impact they are having with their approach. CEOs realise that if they want to access different thinking to innovate their products and services and build better connections with their customers, they need to recruit and retain diverse talent. They also need to develop leaders who have the skills and tools to build an inclusive culture and workplace. 

Indeed, executive search firms report a sharp increase in demand from companies for these inclusive leaders.

In this webinar, we explore the practical skills you can learn and the tools you can employ to become an inclusive leader and enhance your career prospects.

The Practice of Book Writing - What I Have Learned along the Way


Alisa Grafton set off to write her first book, Great Networking: the Art and Practice of Building Authentic Professional Relationships, two months after starting a new job. She credits focussing on her purpose and the passion for the subject of the book with having the motivation to complete the writing in five months. Alisa's book is to be released in the Spring 2022. She will talk about the challenges of the process, the strategy that she has used to stay focussed, and what the book writing has taught her.

Cryptocurrencies: Value, Risks & Benefits


You’ve probably heard of bitcoin but what about the thousands of other cryptocurrencies out there? Do these new forms of money really have a value - and why - or is this all just a passing fad for speculative investors?

What are the risks as well as the benefits of cryptocurrencies? And how do new phenomena like NFTs and Central Bank Currencies fit in? Cryptocurrencies and related technologies are making a profound social impact on our world. Find out why cryptocurrency is about far more than just the price of Bitcoin and how it is beginning to shape our society for the better.

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