Our Programmes


The programmes are designed to give talented young men and women the guidance, confidence and skills that they need to fulfil their potential. This potential doesn’t just transform their own lives, it helps transform positively the societies and communities in which they live through the launch of solutions-focused projects.

Programmes focus on:

Social Entrepreneurship: Finding Solutions, Creating Jobs

Social entrepreneurship is a driver of sustainable economic development around the world, creating jobs and strengthening communities. We equip young people (Telemachus) and women (Athena) of all ages with entrepreneurial skills by providing individual mentoring support through trained business mentors and specialised entrepreneurship training.

Women’s Empowerment: Overcoming Obstacles, Aiming High

Thought leaders of international stature are connected with female mentees who aspire to advance their professional career and break glass ceilings. Our mentees have the opportunity to build valuable relationships with their mentors and they ‘graduate’ ready to launch new projects, new career beginnings to take their organisations up to new levels and scale.

Embracing Diversity: A Programme for Future Leaders

Mentees are paired with accomplished mentors from diverse countries. The programme is designed to promote global connectivity, exposing mentees to diversity of thought but also global and regional opportunities. Our mentees are provided with a personalised development opportunity to address individual learning needs. Mentees also become part of the broader Global Thinkers Forum community and get involved in initiatives and our network.


The mentoring Programmes run through 8-month cycles. Mentors and mentees are connected based on the areas in which each mentee requires guidance and the areas of expertise of each mentor. Indicative areas of mentorship are: Governance & Public Office, Accountable Leadership, Media, Business, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Career, Academia, Non-Profit. Our mentees are values-driven individuals who work on projects and initiatives that support the UN’s Global Goals.


Our mentors have a very successful track record and longtime expertise in the above-mentioned areas and well respected in their industries and countries. They dedicate time, energy and passion to nurture the leaders of tomorrow and they have a lifelong commitment towards ethics.

Average age range: 40-65

Our programmes are underpinned by our 10-year-old (2010-2020) legacy and commitment to excellence, diversity, inclusion and values-based thinking.


Our Telemachus mentees are commonly recent postgraduates, committed social entrepreneurs, volunteers or community activists. They are the next generation of leaders in their societies, with strong sense for social contribution and positive impact.

Average age range: 22-29

Our Athena mentees are usually post-graduates, midcareer women or entrepreneurs of vision, ambition and commitment towards valuable causes.

Average age range: 32-45