Global Thinkers Mentors 2019

GTF mentees are provided with a personalized development opportunity to address individual learning needs. This opportunity will help them over a period of 8 months to develop new skills and expertise, and to enhance, enrich and expand their professional and personal perspectives. GTF mentors also help mentees with confidence-building in dealing with challenges and issues. They also assist mentees with advice on career development and personal growth as well as their networking opportunities.

Our mentors are individuals who have a robust academic or practical/professional track record and long-time expertise in fields such as: Governance & Public Office, Accountable Leadership, Media, Business, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Career, Academia, Non-Profit.

The 2019 cycle of our International "Telemachus" & "Athena MENA" mentoring programmes for Youth and Women launched on January 15 and we are truly excited to welcome 60 mentees from over 42 countries and 5 continents who have been paired with 60 mentors, all of them highly successful professionals with strong commitment towards positive change. From France to New Zealand, from Azerbaijan to Mexico, from Uzbekistan to Zimbabwe and from Tanzania to Russia, we are proud of the reach of this rapidly-growing Global Thinkers Forum initiative.