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Knowledge Webinars under our Mentoring Programmes 'Telemachus' and 'Athena'


Knowledge Transfer Webinar Series 

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We are proudly continuing the knowledge-transfer webinars as part of our 'Telemachus' and 'Athena' Mentoring Programmes!
We are delighted to offer our mentees and alumni the unique opportunity to learn from global experts during live sessions that will include Q & A.
 Mentees and Alumni from all over the world can now actively engage with our Mentors and knowledge experts, learn from them and raise questions live.

We wish to thank our Mentors and Partners for generously supporting this knowledge-transfer series.

'Telemachus' & 'Athena' Knowledge Transfer Webinars
Experts & Themes

How to Build Relationships to Achieve a Greater Diversity in Business


Although belonging to an “old boys’ network” continues to have its advantages in some industries, more and more forward-thinking businesses see value in spreading their net wide when it comes to bringing in talent. And this is because those who access their services want to see themselves represented in the businesses that offer those services.
Creating and maintaining relationships outside the usual social circles requires skills – and these are the skills of effective networking. This webinar is about both, covering the essentials and digging deeper into what it takes to build business relationships that transcend socio-economic and cultural zones of comfort that we all have. 

Why Leaders Need to Rest


The pandemic emphasized now more than ever that we need to take care of our mental health. As leaders of the companies or organizations, prioritizing mental well-being should start from us. We need to establish the culture of practice where mental health is important in the same weight as physical health. With the increase workload and adjustments, all the more for leaders to take care of themselves especially their mental health. This 30-45 minute webinar will give you practical tips on how to manage your priorities, your work, and your team while taking care of yourself, because yes leaders need to rest too. 

Creating Change: Lessons in Patience and Resilience


As we are facing the ongoing global health, social, political, and economic challenges, we are required to draw from our deepest reserves of strength and resilience. Eva Grosman, CEO of the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building will reflect on how, in the times of uncertainly and turmoil, we can deal with our own challenges and at the same time be able to help others and drive change.

How to Write a Book: Tips & Strategies 


  • Why write a book?
  • Can anybody write a book?
  • Where to find inspiration?
  • How to start and finish a writing project?
  • How to get published?

These are some of the many questions this webinar seeks to answer. 

Future-focused Options & Technology Hacks to be Self-reliant


Looking at the technology growth and world trends over the past decade, we can clearly see the massive progress we have made in terms of new technology and its applications in our everyday lives as well as in business/ organizations. This proposed topic is to prepare the audience to see how they can leverage and apply future technology inventions in their business, academics and community.  We will be looking at some hacks and future technology predictions they can harness to be self-reliant, innovative and problem solvers.

Agri-Food Systems and Supply Chain


The Agri-Food industry is fast growing globally, the recent advent of the pandemic has drawn global attention the need for food sustainability and last mile food delivery. This presents numerous opportunities to create wealth, empower rural communities and provide food.

Understanding the food system, value chain and supply chain is critical in adapting agribusinesses to the future of the food industry.

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