ANNUAL THEME: Women Leaders in MENA: Power & Creativity

Women Leaders in Mena: Power & Creativity        

At a time of change for the region, many preconceived ideas are changing across politics, governance, business and society. GTF promoted the extensive participation of women as a necessary and positive imperative for our world and the creation of just societies. 

Global Thinkers Forum aimed to identify and celebrate the female Leadership of the Future, with a focus on: Governance, Social Progress, Responsible Entrepreneurship, and Community Development. The conference was a response to the leading positions some women are taking across communities in the region and celebrated the current roles and life stories of successful women leaders across professional and public life.

The invited Women Leaders and conference participants discussed strategic skill sets for women in the MENA, such as identifying areas of opportunities, improving leadership skills, corporate governance, and successful leadership.

                         Agenda                                                                               Speakers