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New Initiative under our Mentoring Programmes 'Telemachus' and 'Athena'


Knowledge Transfer Webinar Series 

by Global Experts - Join Us!

We are proud to host the knowledge-transfer webinars as part of our 'Telemachus' and 'Athena' Mentoring Programmes!
We were delighted to offer our mentees and alumni the unique opportunity to learn from global experts during live sessions that included Q & A.
 Mentees and Alumni from all over the world could actively engage with our Mentors and knowledge experts, learn from them and raise questions live.

We wish to thank our Mentors and Partners for generously supporting this knowledge-transfer series.

'Telemachus' & 'Athena' Knowledge Transfer Webinars
Experts & Themes

Sustainable Finance Outlook for 2020


Sustainability will be the most significant driver of opportunity in 2020, for businesses, investors, policy makers and for society and individuals at large. Going forward, there will be more exponential growth in relation to responsible investment strategies. Sustainability is seen as a key driver of growth in a low-growth world. But what are the remaining challenges and opportunities to ensure investors and society are benefiting from these developments, also in the context of sustainable development and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals?

Driving Human Capital towards Knowledge Economies


If we want to build a knowledge based economy (and here we explain what is it and why is it important) we need everyone on board. The policy maker has to understand the needs of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur has to understand what policy limitations are standing in their way, once they know, it is easier for them to advocate (and specify) change without getting frustrated. Even if legislation takes a long time to change, knowing the gaps will give youth the agility to maneuver in rough grounds.

Living Your Soul's Destiny


As you let go of your ego's fears and align with your soul's purpose, you will find yourself living in harmony with yourself and others.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • What stage of psychological development you are at.
  • What levels of consciousness you are operating from
  • How to align your ego motivations with your soul motivations
  • How to become an evolutionary human

Communicating Your POWER Story & Personal Branding


Today, storytelling is more important than ever before to help connect with people, maximize your impact and humanize your brand.  In this webinar, learn how to breakthrough confidence roadblocks and tap into the golden nuggets of your own story.  Plus, discover top storytelling secrets  — with a focus on transformational moments — with Emmy Award-Winning Journalist and International Speaker Bofta Yimam.

Impossible? Bring it On! Encouraging Girls to Pursue STEM Education and Careers


There are implicit biases that constantly push girls away from STEM education and careers even in the 21st century. In the weeks following school closures worldwide, the impact of this bias is deafening and parents are noticing for the first time as they see and hear how the biases roll out against the girls. This talk takes the audience through the ups and downs faced by girls and women, sharing real-life case studies and provides insights into explicit actions that can and have helped girls overcome obstacles and barriers to pursue STEM education and career anywhere, particularly in the face of a crisis. 

General Lessons on Leadership & Partnership


Having been to six wars and numerous natural disasters MacLeod draws lessons on leadership in crisis that can help guide and prepare people for leadership and life. Be it the Pakistan earthquake response, the conflicts of former Yugoslavia or Rwanda, the violent aftermath of East Timor’s independence referendum, MacLeod’s experience can give valuable lessons for people embarking on their careers.

A Digital Mindset for the Current World


4.0 is the technology revolution that is changing the way we live, work and relate to one another. But the human side of the digital transformation is key: Digital transformation is first of all about mindset. What are the essential elements that we need to know to foster a digital mindset? Do we know how humans and artificial intelligence can work together? Do we know how to use and visualize big data? Do we know how to deal with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world?

The Impostor Syndrome & Other Inner Obstacles


Some of the world's most successful people feel, at some points in their lives, like impostors. No matter how much external evidence there is of their competence, they feel like a fraud and that they don’t deserve their success.

In this webinar, we examine the challenges to overcoming this psychological phenomenon and explore strategies that will help you take ownership of your achievements.

Make It Sound BIG


How to give a powerful and convincing presentation or speech? Simple. Play with the unexpected. Know what everyone else will say, then don’t do that. Learn the basics quickly, and on to public speaking glory!

Smart & Sustainable Cities


The cities are key actors of economic development, and the most innovative smart cities are working to foster a strong relationship between cultural aspects and environmental challenges. Circular Economy and Nature-based Solutions are a demonstration of the existing nexus between cultural activities, traditional knowledge, and environmentally-sustainable practices, linkage represented by cultural ecology and holistic ecosystemic approach. Learn more about the concept and applications of 'Smart Cities'!

Blockchain Empowering Women


Empowerment means being free to make decisions including not being financially reliant on others to fulfill our dreams. Blockchain technology offers women new possibilities to access finance, manage their own money and control their own data. Imagine being able access capital from anyone in the world directly to start your own business or choosing whether you want to donate or sell access to your health data for the purpose of medical research! Women need to understand blockchain technology to be able to take advantage of a range of new opportunities!

Leading with Grace & Resilience


In business our understanding of how we should lead has been profoundly shaped by history, and by the men who have maintained power at the decision-making tables.  For women this has often limited  the perception of the difference they can make. We are more than our past, our heritage and cultural circumstances and these are times of profound disruption.  It is now we must rise to meet the challenges ahead by leading with grace and resilience; balancing the qualities of the feminine and masculine to create a better future!

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