Global Thinkers Forum*

‘Leadership & Collaboration’


GTF MC Stephen Cole, Senior Presenter Al Jazeera English

09.15-09.30am Keynote

 ‘Excellence & Collaborative Leadership’: HE the UN Alliance of Civilizations High Representative Mr Nassir Abdulaziz Al Nasser

09.30-09.45am Keynote

‘Promoting Peace & Collaboration in a Changing World’: His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (TBC)

09.50-10.40am Panel 

Leadership & Collaboration: Globalisation requires a society and its leaders to be aware of the need to collaborate – not only locally, but also regionally and internationally. It is the responsibility of a government to assume responsibility for critically reviewing the impact of increased globalization on all aspects of society, including education. It is, however, first of all necessary that countries have a plan. To do so requires, first and foremost, assembling leaders who understand the importance of collaborative leadership and engagement that enable the origination, socialisation and execution of novel approaches to economic and social development.

  • How is a nation to succeed in an interconnected world?
  • “Social Capital” and how to create it by building the habits, norms, attitudes and networks that motivate citizens to work for the common good and economic development.
  • How do we recognise leaders who understand the value of collaborative leadership?
  • How do we promote cultural understanding in our increasing multinational societies?
  • What happens when leaders need to address major political, social, economic and other challenges?
  • What ways can we find to promote understanding and collaboration for social development?


Daniel R. Fung, Senior Counsel Des Voeux Chambers

Dr Heinrich Kreft - Ambassador

TuWeiming, Lifetime Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University

Chair: Yavuz Baydar - Journalist


Q & A

10.55- 11.10am

Coffee Break

11.15-12.20am  Panel 

An Era of Change: International Collaboration and the Challenges of Domestic Transformation; In environments of internal social change and regional tensions of international character, how can we preserve strategic national focus, maintain reason and protect stability?

  • What happens when extremism permeates the social fiber generating ideological rifts, polarizing and inciting hatred within a society?
  • How does the information surplus affect or even trigger social uprisings?
  • How do we effectively promote collaboration as well as domestic social progress in shifting environments?


Tariq Ramadan, Philosopher & Writer

HakanAltinay, Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution

GeirLippestad, Lawyer

DespinaSyrri – President SymBiosis (TBC)

Chair: ThanosDokos –Director General, ELIAMEP

Q & A 12.20pm-12.40pm


12.45- 1.30 Light Buffet Lunch

1.30-2.15 Panel

Women and Excellence in Business, Society & GovernanceGTF 2012 in Amman focused on Women Leaders in MENA and attracted a line-up of top female leaders. Taking further the messages voiced in Jordan, GTF 2013 features a panel on women leaders who excel, who are leading thinkers and change-makers.

  • What are the best lessons to learn from top female CEOs?
  • How do some of MENA’s most influential women view excellence?
  • Which are best and most effective governance strategies as proposed by women?


HRH Princess Sumaya of Jordan (via Skype)

Dr Maisah Sobaihi – Academic/Writer/Director/Performer

RodiKratsa, EMP

Victoria Budson, Executive Director Women and Public Policy Program Harvard Kennedy School (via Skype)

Chair: Reem n. Bsaiso – Senior ICT Consultant


Attracting Investments, Generating Opportunities for Trade and Partnerships- A conversation around opportunities for growth, investment and social development in our societies is more imperative than ever. It is very timely and relevant to the current political, economic and social circumstances. There are numerous opportunities for investment and collaboration in Greece and the wider region and entrepreneurs can undertake a pivotal role to improve the economic climate and shape the future.

  • How do we do business in insecure environments?
  • What new challenges and new opportunities for cross border business, collaboration and knowledge exchange?
  • What type of projects are investors looking for?
  • How do we create ecosystems for entrepreneurship to thrive?
  • What is changing in the Energy/Resources landscape?
  • How do we mitigate risk?


Professor Marc Ventresca, Said Business School Oxford

Lindsey Oliver, International Commercial Director Bloomberg TV

Roger Hayes, Senior Counselor APCO Worldwide

WoleOmoboriowo II, CEO Genesis Electricity Ltd, Nigeria

Ambassador (Ret) Ram Aviram

Chair: Ali Aslan, Deutsche Welle

3.10pm-4pm Panel 

Becoming a success story; forward thinkers make the best entrepreneurs. Almost two-thirds of the world’s 946 billionaires made their fortunes from scratch, relying on grit and determination, and not good genes. Fifty of these self-made tycoons are college or high school dropouts, the most famous billionaire dropout being Microsoft’s Bill Gates!

  • Inspirational stories from rags to riches
  • Silicon Valley: the world’s top ‘hub’ for ideas, ventures and rewards for those who dare!
  • Best sources for support on the road to riches: Incubators, Accelerators, Mentors, Angel Investors, VCs


PanosPapazoglou- Country Managing Partner EY

NidalEses – Founder Eses4 Ventures

Dr Ibrahim Abouleish, Founder SEKEM

Chair: Georgia Kartsanis – CEO Sargia Partners


Q & A


Closing Remarks GTF 2013


International Speakers Departing for Intercontinental

GTF 2013 Awards for Excellence Ceremony Dinner

Time Event
19:00 - 22:00
  • Excellence in Leadership - H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, High Representative for the UN Alliance of Civilizations
  • Excellence in Promoting Peace & Collaboration - His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
  • Excellence in Philanthropy - Hani Masri, President Tomorrow’s Youth Organization
  • Excellence in Global Thinking - Nouriel Roubini
  • Excellence in Media - Sir David Frost
  • Excellence in Entrepreneurship - Marco Veremis
  • Excellence in Humanitarian Work - Professionals for Humanity & Gbemouotor Kama
  • Excellence in Innovation - Nikos Floros
  • Excellence in Positive Change - Dr Ibrahim Abouleish
  • Excellence in Gender Equality - Shahira Amin
  • Excellence in Cultural Understanding - Tu Weiming
  • Excellence in Cultural Creativity - Dirk Brosse & Ludwig Wicki
  • Excellence in Pioneering - Maisah Sobaihi