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Athena40 'Women's Interventions for a Sustainable Future' - Mansion House March 20, 2024 Read More

“Believe in Yourself and in Your Own Potential”

Interview with Kawtar Lourhraz, GTF "Athena MENA" Mentee (Morocco)

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“True Happiness Comes from Giving Back to Society”

Interview with Duaa Mohamed Suliman, GTF "Athena MENA" Mentee (Sudan)

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“Fruits of Hard Work and Sacrifice Will Pay off”

Interview with Afaf Assas, GTF "Athena MENA" Mentee (Algeria)

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“There Is a Culture Against Women with Ambitions”

Interview with Binta Moustapha, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Nigeria)

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“The Best You Can Do Is to Be a Good Person”

Interview with Aleksandra Skonieczka, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Poland)

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“Stay Positive Even When Things Seem Hopeless”

Interview with Alison Ball, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Greece)

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“Through mentorship, I moved from theories to implementation”

Interview with Arwa Ahmad, GTF "Athena MENA" Mentee (Lebanon)

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“Aspire to Reach Your Goals but Also to Enjoy and Savour the Process”

Interview with Carlotta Lucia Giacche, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Italy/Germany)

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“Believe in Yourself”

Interview with Chohra Mohammed Abdelmalik, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Algeria)

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