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“Nothing Good Comes Easy”

Interview with Abdullahi Yusuf Sada, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Nigeria)

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“A Better World Starts When We Are Able to Love Everyone.”

Interview with Chikeobi Nnah, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Nigeria)

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“It Is Important to Live for Something That You Are Passionate About”

Interview with Yanga Totyi, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee, (South Africa)

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“Everyone Has Potential to Contribute Back to Society”

Interview with Thanabodee Yeh (Duke), GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Thailand)

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“People Need to Have a Change of Behaviour from the Grassroots to the Top...

Interview with Unique Zimuto, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Zimbabwe)

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