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“Always Try and Don’t Wait Around for Things to Come Your Way”

Interview with Dina Khanat, GTF "Athena MENA" Mentee (Syria/ USA)

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“Seize the Opportunity, Do not Wait for Perfect Moments”

Interview with Emina Ahmetovic, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Bosnia Herzegovina)

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“My Mentor Helped Me Reflect on How Best to Define Success”

Interview with Aniqah Zowmi, GTF "Athena MENA" Mentee (Jordan)

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“We Are All Engaged in the Same Thing: Humanity”

Interview with Mubarak Noor, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Sudan)

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“We Need to Keep Fighting as Life Is a Big Long Fight”

Interview with Mohamed Chahbi, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Tunisia)

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“Mistakes Are Precious Life Lessons”

Interview with Karam El Dik, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Lebanon)

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“There Is a Need to Educate Young People”

Interview with Maria Pia Napoletano, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Italy)

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“Having my GTF Mentor Made All the Difference in What I Am Doing”

Interview with Jessa Gavilla, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (The Philippines)

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“As a Girl, I Faced Many Negative Social Forms”

Interview with Hajar Ibrahiem, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Egypt)

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