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“Expect the Unexpected”

Interview with Maria Pedro Miala, GTF "Athena" Mentee (Angola)

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“Be Open to Ask for Help”

Interview with Vanessa Hernandez, GTF "Athena" Mentee (Honduras)

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“View All Challenges as Opportunities to Learn and Grow”

Interview with Swati Mehta, GTF "Athena" Mentee (India)

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“Follow Your Dream and Set a Plan to Make It Real”

Interview with Lema Jaber, GTF "Athena" Mentee (Jordan)

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“Everybody Is Unique and Special in Their Own Way”

Interview with Yasmeen Smadi, GTF "Athena" Mentee (Kuwait/ Jordan)

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“Be Bolder and Less Afraid of Failing”

Interview with Daniela Badalan, GTF "Athena" Mentee (Romania)

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“Take Small Steps Towards the Bigger Goal”

Interview with Zubeida Allie, GTF "Athena" Mentee (South Africa)

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“If You Really Want Something, Then It’s Achievable”

Interview with Devi Nair, GTF "Athena" Mentee (UK/ South Africa)

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“Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears”

Interview with Edita Ismaili, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Albania)

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