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Athena40 'Women's Interventions for a Sustainable Future' - Mansion House March 20, 2024 Read More


“Fear of Failure and the Importance of Self-awareness”

An interview with Sylvana Caloni, Founder, SC Executive Coaching & Co-Author, "Humble Crumbles"

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“Grit and Tolerance in a Context of a Global Career”

Interview with Anna B. Schebsdat, President, Columbia Business School’s UAE Alumni Chapter

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“The Pandemic Will Lead to Radical Changes in How the World Functions”

Interview with Leonor Stjepic, CEO Montessori Group UK/Advisory Board Global Thinkers Forum

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“Geopolitical Trends in the Post-Pandemic Era”

Op-Ed by Morgan Vickers, MS Student, University of Oxford

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“Patience Is an Important Leadership Skill”

Interview with Catherine Bolzendahl, Director, School of Public Policy, Oregon State University

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“Positive Aspects Brought about by the CoVid-19 Pandemic”

Article by Reem N. Bsaiso, Founder & Managing Partner Global Outreach/ Consultant

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“The Most Beautiful Chapter of the Story”

1st Winning Story CoVid-19 Competition by Dr Asmahan Altaher - Jordan

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“Corona: The Virus that Made Us Strangers in Our Home”

2nd Winning Story CoVid-19 Competition by Anas Harris - Morocco

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“Impact of Covid19 in Kibera Slum”

3rd Winning Story Covid Competition by Victor Odhiambo - Kenya

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