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“The Most Beautiful Chapter of the Story”

1st Winning Story CoVid-19 Competition by Dr Asmahan Altaher - Jordan

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“Corona: The Virus that Made Us Strangers in Our Home”

2nd Winning Story CoVid-19 Competition by Anas Harris - Morocco

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“Impact of Covid19 in Kibera Slum”

3rd Winning Story Covid Competition by Victor Odhiambo - Kenya

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The Power of Kindness

An article by Gay Haskins, Co-author of Kindness in Leadership (Routledge, 2018)

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“Global Thinking Is a Reality, We Have Never Been More Connected”

Interview with Reem N. Bsaiso, Founder & Managing Partner Global Outreach

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“Mentoring Is an Opportunity to Give Something Back”

Interview with Marina Antoniou, Head of Audit

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‘’Global Thinking Is Essential and Crucial’’

Interview with Fernando Salvetti, Founder & Managing Partner, Logosnet

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“Young People Inspire Me”

Interview with Iwona Jordan, CFO, JATO Dynamics Ltd

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Partnership Against Trafficking

Article by Angela Cavalier - Executive Director Human Resources, Orion Associates

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