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“Leaders Need to Listen Twice As Much As They Speak”

Interview with Nikos Koumettis, President, Central & Eastern Europe of the Coca-Cola Company

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“Transformation Can Happen In A Nanosecond”

Interview with Susan Foley Rocco, Founder, Producer & Host, Women to Watch™ Media, LLC

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Today’s Philanthropy Is Evolving

Interview with Armand Arton, Esq., Founder & President, Arton Capital, Founder, Global Citizen Forum

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Sustainable Energy Can Deliver Wealth For The World’s Poorest

Interview with Max Höchsmann, Global Thinkers Forum Mentee

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Sustainable Investing For The Environment & Society

Interview with Martina Macpherson, Managing Partner, SI Partners, Head of Sustainability Indices

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Know Your Priorities To Achieve Work-Life Balance

Interview with Lorraine Hariton, Senior Advisor, Global Business Partnerships, Transnational Strateg

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Jordanian Youth Has Big Dreams

Interview with Abdelrahman AlSaifi, Global Thinkers Forum Mentee

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Financial Literacy Is The Solution

Interview with Özlem Denizmen, Founder Chairman, FODER

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Influencing With Impact and Integrity

Interview with Lucian J. Hudson, GTF Advisory Board Member

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