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“Be Authentic and True to Yourself”

Interview with Eva Grosman, CEO, Centre for Democracy & Peace Building, TEDxStormont Organiser

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“Africa Can Feed the World”

Interview with Salim Amin, Chairman, Camerapix

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“Art is a Great Vehicle for Change”

Interview with Hashim Akib, Artist

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“Opportunities for Women’s Economic Development”

Interview with HE Reem Abdel Rahim BinKaram, Director, NAMA Women Advancement Establishment

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“Mistakes Are Gifts of Life”

Interview with Eleni Glinou, Visual Artist, Researcher, Educator

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“Success is Making a Positive Difference Along the Road”

Interview with Helen Alderson, Head, ICRC Mission UK & Ireland

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“Set High Goals, Hold Yourself Accountable!”

Interview with George Constantopoulos, Senior Partner, SWC

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“Asking for Help Is a Sign of Strength”

Interview with Lili Hall, Founder & CEO, Knock

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“Gender Bias is the Most Significant Barrier”

Interview with Anjum Malik, Managing Partner, Alhambra U.S. Chamber - Vice President, HOFT/IAEI

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