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“Mentoring Is an Opportunity to Give Something Back”

Interview with Marina Antoniou, Head of Audit

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‘’Global Thinking Is Essential and Crucial’’

Interview with Fernando Salvetti, Founder & Managing Partner, Logosnet

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“Young People Inspire Me”

Interview with Iwona Jordan, CFO, JATO Dynamics Ltd

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“Time for Women to Emerge from the Shadows”

Interview with Roula A. Douglas, Journalist & Author

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“Equality Is not Achieved by Accepting the Status Quo”

Interview with Clare Mulley, Award-winning Author

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“Women Can Pioneer the Way to a Better Future”

Interview with Sarah Waddington, MD, Astute Work

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“Determination Is a Necessary Part of Success”

Interview with Nurdeniz Tunçer, Owner, Law firm Nurdeniz Tuncer & President, Guide Dogs Association

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“Be Authentic and True to Yourself”

Interview with Eva Grosman, CEO, Centre for Democracy & Peace Building, TEDxStormont Organiser

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“Africa Can Feed the World”

Interview with Salim Amin, Chairman, Camerapix

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