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“Always Be Resilient, Challenges Are Part of Life”

Interview with Asteria Ambata, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Namibia)

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“Take Advice But Make the Final Decision Alone”

Interview with Lucie Zifcakova, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Czech Republic)

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“Follow Your Passion and Stand for What You Believe”

Interview with Kostyantyn Turchak, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Ukraine)

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“Never Give Up, Just Do Your Best”

Interview with Kozeta Jana, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Albania)

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“There Is Always a New Peak to Conquer”

Interview with Leyla Huseynova, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Azerbaijan)

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“Having Good Mentors for Young People Is Crucial”

Interview with Justine Mazonier, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (France)

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“Choose a Struggle and Work Your Way Up”

Interview with Kevin Lunzalu, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Kenya)

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“Do Not Judge Things Only by Emotion”

Interview with Khawla Abdelmajed, GTF "Athena MENA" Mentee (Sudan)

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“In a Better World Everyone Must Be Included and Treated Fairly”

Interview with Imran Ahmed, GTF "Telemachus" Mentee (Pakistan)

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