Prime your Mind for Change


In this uncertain and increasingly complex world your minds as leaders are constantly challenged to stay focused and calm. If you are feeling overwhelmed or fatigued from multitasking, changing course mid-stream, or just too much to do, this Workshop is a unique opportunity to reset and prime your minds for change.

You’ll learn about mindful leadership -a sub-specialty of NeuroLeadership- that teaches leaders a scientifically validated brain-based tool for resiliency by keeping the mind calm and concentrated.

What will you gain?

  • Practice brain-based skills for training your mind to be less reactive in challenging situations, improving your communication skills, and staying resilient on the job
  • Describe basic structures and functions in the brain that help leaders overcome distraction and regain mental focus
  • Understand why your brain reacts so quickly with anger or anxiety to some work situations and people
  • Use the executive center of your brain to calm your nervous system down and return to neutral in ten seconds

Workshop will be conducted by Georgia Kartsanis, Leadership Coach, CEO of Sargia Partners & President of CEO Clubs See Europe