GTF’s world-class workshops

Are you confident in your leadership strengths to get the best results from the people you are leading and influencing? Are you well equipped to build an international brand, engage your staff’s hearts and minds and handle the public image of yourself and your company? Have you mastered the complexities of our interconnected world? Can you turn any crisis into the opportunity? Are you prepared to lead the game and get your peers to follow you?

GTF’s world-class workshops/courses will allow you to discover your authentic leadership style to be a more effective leader. Self-awareness is the first step, and these courses are designed to help you clarify and articulate the strengths of your leadership style, learn new tools, and gain more confidence to put these into practice. Also, they will unlock a whole new world of working effectively with your peers, motivating your employees and engaging their hearts and minds! 

Workshops' Objectives, Goals, and Expected Outcome

  • Create greater self-awareness and confidence in your own leadership style
  • Understand ways to adapt your style to lead and influence others better
  • Learn a process to prepare for difficult situations and conversations. Tips to lead them more effectively
  • Gain insights into the power of storytelling and how to use it as a leadership communication tool
  • Identify your personal leadership goal and next steps
  • Build your network of leaders

For Executives & Entrepreneurship Branding: Creating A Worldclass Concept, Message & Brand

  • Personal branding: Increase the value of your name, reinforce your professional profile, improve your key messaging!
  • Building an international brand: From conception to marketing to financing to relationship building. Unlock your global market!
  • How to create and develop a global organization: Opportunities & Challenges in international markets

For Executives: How to Create A Great Company

  • Values-Based Leadership for Organizational Excellence -VALORE™
  • Understanding your Leadership Capacity: Charismatic? Servant? Visionary? Autocratic? Get a full assessment of your Leadership Style to build on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses!
  • United we stand! Measuring the amount of Cultural Disorder in your Organization. Engage all your people and achieve seamless goal and values alignment!
  • Going Global: Geostrategic, Political & Cultural factors on your way to new markets.
  • Complexity, Interconnectivity & Interdependence: Understand the details and be able to ‘connect the dots’ for the wider picture. How (and when) to collaborate with competitors!

For Executives & Managers: Understand or (re)Discover Your Leadership Capacity

  • Values-based Decision-making: (Re) Discover your Leadership Style and build on it! Take the comprehensive Leadership-Values Assessment and transform your professional style and future.
  • Crisis Management: How to prep your team and organization before a crisis strikes; how to deal with media & how to turn a crisis into an opportunity.
  • Diversity & Cross Cultural Understanding: Time to understand each other and collaborate! What does Diversity mean, why it is important and what initiatives we need to adopt?
  • Values-based Decision-making: (Re) Discover your Leadership Style and build on it! Take the comprehensive Leadership-Values Assessment and transform your professional style and future. 

For Entrepreneurs

  • Start-Ups: A Step by Step Guide to Transform your Idea into a Real Business! The ‘Secrets’ You Need to Know from Day 1 to Maximise Your Success Potential!
  • Time to Raise Capital? The Absolute Funding Secrets!
  • Running a Non-Profit? What you need to know to maximize reach, grow your international impact and tap on funding resources.

For Women Executives & Entrepreneurs

  • Women in Business: Overcome the Fear of Failure,Learn from the Best of the Best Women Leaders!
  • Go Global: How to Utilise the Power of Networking & Connections Building
  • Lead the Life You Want! Goal Setting & Achieving an Inner Balance


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