Education in Knowledge Economy

  • How can we mobilize an entire country into a knowledge producing one, towards economic growth and job creation (now everyone wants / needs an enabling environment to increase / facilitate chances of success of new business)?
  • A bit on defining knowledge economy, knowledge transfer, knowledge absorption.
  • The importance of the Human Element in All formulas as a knowledge transfer channel 
  • Where does Education stand?
  • How can we mobilize other factors to serve education?
  • A bleak look at unemployment in the MENA: figures and numbers; the urgency to create jobs
  • Do we have all the other factors or not? 
  • How do we train our people for KE (cost effective models)?
  • Zooming in on the needed skills and secrets of a successful methodology

Who should attend:

any leader or person with leadership skills in any sector: socio-economic / innovation (R&D, S&T) / education / ICT

What one learns :

to think of an entire country making money out of knowledge (more than half of its GDP) and how all need to work together to attain growth and job creation

Workshop Facilitators: Reem N. Bsaiso & Hams A. Madanat