Arab Women’s Voice via Social Media

Summary of the Workshop:

Women are a powerful force for change, social betterment, improving communication, and boosting the economy. Social Media’s core is about sharing and connecting, and as such women dominate Social Networks in terms of both numbers and quality content. This workshop will empower you to: identify the Social Network that is most suitable for your needs, learn advanced tips on managing your Social Media activity, get insight from case studies, and build your own digital persona.

Topics Covered in the Workshop:
  • How to use Facebook as a powerful communication tool to empower you, your organization, and to keep in touch with family and friends.
  • How to use Pinterest to express yourself in a graphical way.
  • How to use Twitter to communicate with peers and likeminded individuals to share experiences.

By attending this Workshop you will learn:

  • Social media strategy for business use
  • Social media strategy for personal use
  • Facebook privacy and other advanced functionalities
  • Pinterest engagement
  • Twitter etiquette

Workshop Facilitator: Ayman Itani, Founder and CEO, Think Media Labs