Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field with numerous applications and huge possibilities which continues to expand human capability beyond our imagination but it's also a field that is still constantly and actively growing and changing.

Our expert will give you a broad understanding of AI and help you explore its tremendous potential.

Fernando Salvetti, Ph.D. Esq.

Founder & Managing Partner, Logosnet

Founder and Managing Partner of Logosnet since 1996. As an “edupreneur”, he is a pioneer in the fields of immersive simulation, augmented and virtual reality, knowledge dissemination, communication of science and technology, international and cross-cultural communication, soft-skills development.

Italian national, epistemologist, anthropologist and lawyer by background, he is currently based in Turin (Italy), Lugano (Switzerland), and Houston (USA)--used to travel all year round to serve clients based in more than 80 countries. In the past he was mainly based in Paris (France), Berlin (Germany) and Dubai (UAE).

Among his latest achievements there is e-REAL: a cornerstone for interactive simulation, immersive education and visual communication.

As keynote speaker and adjunct or visiting professor, he currently serves as part-time faculty at a number of universities and advanced schools.

Among the latest books that Fernando co-authored there are “Learning 4.0:

Advanced Simulation and Immersive Experiences, Interactive Infographics, Online Learning, Mentoring and Coaching”; “Employability. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the Glocal World”; “Glocal Working: Living and Working Across the World with Cultural Intelligence”; “Ethics & Business: Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Ethical Instruments”; “Learn How to Learn!”.