GTF Agora February 2018

Are you wondering about artificial intelligence? Are you concerned that the development of ‘full’ artificial intelligence could spell the end of humans? Or do you believe in a positive augmented intelligence explosion? Are you an AI-theist, a doubter or a believer? In any case, it is time to turn on the light, stop worrying about sci-fi scenarios, and start focusing on AI’s actual challenges. Let’s avoid costly mistakes in the design and use of our smart technologies. From a practical perspective: one-third of all jobs will be converted into software, robots, and smart machines by as early as 2025. Meanwhile, some 65 percent of children in grade school today are predicted to work in jobs that have yet to be invented. What are the main ethical, legal and political issues at an international level?

This will be discussed on the next GTF Agora Session on February 26, 2018 at 16.00 GMT and will be moderated by Fernando Salvetti, Founder & Managing Partner, Logosnet.

Experts participating in the session will be announced soon.

Founder and Managing Partner of Logosnet since 1996. As an “edupreneur”, he is a pioneer in the fields of immersive simulation, augmented and virtual reality, knowledge dissemination, communication of science and technology, international and cross-cultural communication, soft-skills development.

Lou Marinoff – a Commonwealth Scholar originally from Canada – is Professor of Philosophy and Asian Studies at The City College of New York (CCNY), and founding President of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA).

Claudio J Lutzky is a practicing attorney and assistant professor of law philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires School of Law, where he also leads the Climate Change Law Program.

Daniel is currently a corporate executive with CG Blockchain in New York City. CG Blockchain is a fintech company focused on bridging cryptocurrencies and the hedge fund industry. 

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