Zuraina Zaharin

Zuraina Zaharin

President, Ecoloo Group

Zuraina has established an impact driven social enterprise through a joint venture partnership with a Swedish innovation provider company that specializes in sustainable toilet solutions.

Being an adventurer who loves nature so much she was disturbed by the research by the WTO that there are 2.5 billion people worldwide who lack access to proper toilet and hygiene. She therefore took the risk to invest in biological toilet technology namely ECOLOO and established ECOLOO GREENTECH MALAYSIA and turned the startup company into an impact driven social enterprise.

Starting from zero funds, she raised capital through microfinance, sales, grants and cash rewards to run her business. She outsourced the production of toilets to a local manufacturer, and managed the entire social business on her own until she received small grants from a government agency. She continued to market her solutions by participating in exhibitions, conferences and high-level meetings, speaking on various platforms, convincing the policy makers, accreditation bodies and relevant ministries. 

She has traveled the world to speak, convince, sell, distribute and implement the toilets and within less than 3 years, ECOLOO’s presence is already in 20 countries.