Zubeida Allie

Zubeida Allie

South Africa

Zubeida Allie is from Cape Town, South Africa. She has a professional background in the financial services industry and has completed qualifications in banking, financial planning and more recently digital marketing.

She believes in a philosophy of empowerment through education, and understands that people can be empowered as much by life experiences as they could from the formal education system. In her spare time, she has become fascinated by philosophy and psychology, with a special interest in mindset matters that can influence personal and business mastery.

She is currently on sabbatical, a decision prompted by the desire to do purposeful work that she is passionate about. Her personal reflections and experiences during this time have led her to the conclusion that her way forward would be as a coach with a special focus on financial and personal well-being.

Zubeida wishes to be an empowerment enabler, through helping shape the women and youth of South Africa through planting the seeds of hope that with the right mindset and an attitude of excellence in execution, anything is possible!