Yasmeen Smadi

Yasmeen Smadi

Kuwait/ Jordan

Yasmeen Smadi is from Jordan. She moved to The Netherlands in 2014 to do her MBA at Nyenrode Business University, and she is currently living and working there.

Yasmeen has been working in the pharmaceutical industry since she got her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, following the footsteps of her mom and dad who are both pharmacists. However, she has always had passion for business and entrepreneurship which is why she started two small ventures along the way.

Yasmeen always wanted to progress in her career and reach the highest positions, which was her idea of success and happiness. But this changed tremendously in the past few years, especially after travelling to different places and meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. She believes that leadership is not linked to a title and happiness is more about the people we cherish, the memories we make, the hearts we touch and the lives we change.

She aspires to be the best version of herself, to help people realize their dream and make a difference in this world!