Vita Mithi

Vita Mithi


Vita Mithi, from Malawi, holds a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Public Health from the University of Livingstonia – Laws Campus, and a registered member of the Medical Council of Malawi.

He is a Maphunziro 265 Ambassador, a Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholar and works with Global Health Impact Binghamton University (internship) and Tobacco Harm Reduction Malawi - Knowledge Action Change. He is a member of Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), Generational Leadership Initiative Malawi and International Youth Alliance for Family Planning. He is also part of the Planetary Health Education community and Quality in Universal Health and Healthcare Thematic Working Group. Vita Mithi is a regular contributor to the Tobacco Harm Reduction Malawi website.

One of Vita Mithi’s publications is: Tobacco Harm Reduction: One of the Alternatives towards Achieving SDG 3.

Vita’s mentor is Mikias Sissay.