Viktoria Kostova

Viktoria Kostova


Viktoria Kostova is an eighteen-year-old student from Bulgaria. Since a tender age, she realized that what triggers her altruistic perceptions is that she wants to be aware of this world and to contribute to its development. It dawned on her that her dedication should be aimed at helping people improve.

She has been a lecturer on a psychological conference and a Junior Counselor in GLOW Leadership Academy, where she mentored sixty girls a year from all over Bulgaria on variable issues. Also, she has a lot of awards and publications in the field of literature.

Her voluntary work kept the ball rolling with her participation in AIESEC and Bulgarian Youth Red Cross, as well as in National Alliance for Volunteer Action. Meanwhile, she was a part of three Erasmus+ exchanges. Moreover, she helps Bulgarian Youth Forum with translations and texts for projects and she is on an internship position for Bauersachs Foundation as a 'Communication and Events Assistant'.

The reason why she wants to be a part of Global Thinkers Mentors is that she is ready to overcome every obstacle on her path through the nourishing obligation of becoming that key figure to reshaping the thinking model of a whole nation and to inducing the understanding of fairness, equality and commitment.