Valerie Khan

Valerie Khan

Independent Consultant

Valerie is an independent consultant with a focus on digital identity and with a particular interest to improve the delivery of aid to and within less developed regions.

She spent over two years at the UN World Food Programme applying a research-based methodology to identify the best practice approach for implementing digital identity in a humanitarian and development environment. During this time, she was directly collaborating with a number of UN country offices and governments, mainly in Africa. She is currently advising the World Bank Identity for Development (ID4D) team on their methodology framework and is in close collaboration with various international agencies and their respective donors.

Valerie is promoting a model that secures privacy as a fundamental human right, as such working closely with experts from the Global North where discussions on data privacy and protection are more advanced. Her approach is based on strengthening local country capacities, considering all contributing factors from policies, regulations, skills, ICT level, geographic constraints, third parties, financial capabilities and similar.

Prior, Valerie finished a European management programme for high potentials at GE, followed by ten years in the banking sector being responsible for teams and programmes across Europe and Russia.