Sirojiddin Olimov

Sirojiddin Olimov


As a volunteer Sirojiddin has been involved in social activities since 2012. He became very active in community after joining to YLDP in 2015 (Young Leaders Development Project) as an intern then coordinator in UzTEA (Uzbekistan Teacher of English Association) since 2016.

Having graduated from University with the major of pedagogy, he started to work as a Leader of Uzbekistan Youth Union in Academic lyceum from 2017. Now he is, as a Deputy Director, responsible for working with teachers to ensure administrating education process. He is looking to connect more youth to expand their knowledge about local and global happenings.

To be honest he is sleepy but when he is awake very energetic and optimistic. Sirojiddin is mountain lover. Whenever he is on the mountain he feels inner peace, love and power. Moreover he is good footballer. His passion is writing small posts and articles regarding daily life and education.

Loving kids can be best picture which can demonstrate him since he is the founder of FUN CLUB - English club where kids (more than 50) in his neighborhood learn English for free. Sirojiddin is a believer that our small actions can bring great joy and development to the world.