Sirajuddin Mobini

Sirajuddin Mobini


Sirajuddin Mobini is from Herat, Afghanistan. He has worked on different projects, including construction, Humanitarian, Management, Leadership.

He was born in Quetta, Pakistan in 1991 while his family were refugees. He speaks 5 languages, that he learnt during his time in the refugee camps. Sirajuddin is graduated from an engineering college. He got married when he was 17 years old, and now he has 4 kids.

Sirajuddin is supporting his family. His sisters go to the university and he is supporting them financially. Fortunately, they are the first and only girls graduating from university in their family. Sirajuddin, when his parents decided to get them to marry, said, NO, they shall go to university and then they shall decide to get married.

He has worked for 5 years in different humanitarian organizations as a volunteer. In 2019 he founded a book cafe, the first book cafe in Herat city, spreading knowledge via book cafe to transform the society.

Sirajuddin’s mentor is Lisbeth Pilegaard.