Shawntel Nieto

Shawntel Nieto

The Philippines

Shawntel envisions a world where each person has access to the services they need to create a life of their choosing - a world where people and organizations’ choices are founded on the common good and our shared humanity.

To bring this vision to life, she completed a Master's degree in Sustainability Management, started Sustainarumble: an educational organization focused on sustainable development, and co-founded the Society of Sustainability Practitioners: an organization that connects, trains, and supports sustainability practitioners in the Philippines. 

Shawntel likewise started Walang Iwanan sa One Cainta to provide up to 1000 people in her town with food, everyday. Beyond her organizations, she works as a corporate analyst in JP Morgan & Chase and as an active member of national and international organizations creating workshops and initiatives around sustainability and sustainable development worldwide. 

Shawntel first engaged in development in 2015 after co-founding BMB Solutions, a social enterprise that provided marginalized communities with electricity and water. Since then, she has been determined to increase the ways by which she impacts people and co-create a better world for all.