Serdar Dinler

Serdar Dinler

President, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Association of Turkey

Serdar Dinler is the President of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Association of Turkey, whose goal is to “create tools, resources and methodologies for business to behave socially responsible on social, economic and environmental issues so that business can have a positive impact on the development of society”.

Previously he worked for 23 years at the British Council and has founded more than 32 different NGOs, thereby becoming an expert/activist on NGOs in Turkey. 

Previously, he directed the Life Long Learning Centre at Kadir Has University, Istanbul, developing education programs in line with the needs of the public and identifying solutions to these challenges in order to produce high-quality education models. 

He was recently appointed as the Operations Director of International Medical Corp. in Turkey serving more than hundred thousands of refugees in Turkey. 

Serdar Dinler represents CSR-Turkey at CSR-Europe level for the last 6 years of which for 3 years he proudly served as a Board Member.