Salima Ben Sassi

Salima Ben Sassi


Salima is a project coordinator at UNDP Tunisia. She is working with youth to empower them to be part of the solution in their community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

She is also a youth development delegate at the Arab region with the youth leadership programme and Arab Youth Center, collaborating with her counterparts on a MENA regional level to create and develop a network and opportunities between the youth in the region.

Furthermore, as an active member of Social Media Club Tunisia, Salima advocates on digital community innovation, and the future of work and human rights in the digital age. She believes in technology as a powerful and transparent advocacy tool for young people in Tunisia. 

Salima got her bachelor's degree majoring in Economics in 2014, she worked in various positions, allowing her to develop a multi-skilled profile, and she had her master's degree in 2019 majoring in Economics. 

She is passionate about nature, admires musical shows and likes discovering the gastronomies of the world.