Reem N. Bsaiso

Reem N. Bsaiso

Founder & Managing Partner Global Outreach/ Consultant

She is an international senior consultant in national knowledge-based economy for human capital policies, for economic growth and job creation, in support of merging ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) and 21st Century Skills in education from policy to results.

Core competencies: Global scalable models and blended learning instructional pedagogy. Her mission is to boost the impact of knowledge enabled human capital by mediating enhancive policies, knowledge enabling environments while boosting KE transfer channels through socio-economic regimes, education, innovation and ICT towards economic growth and job creation. She believes that good education is vital for spreading tolerance, understanding and world peace. Her track record as CEO of a World Bank Initiative includes training more than 4 million students, through scalable teachers’ training models. She was part of the Jordan Prime Ministry National Agenda and started Jordan’s first merging of technology in education policies and national training.

She has been working with the UK-based Brains Innovation Summits Ltd in organizing MENA Innovation Forums across the MENA region. Other appointments include: Advisory Board Member, Global Thinkers Forum (UK) and United Planet (USA), Founder and Managing Partner of Global Outreach, based in Bahrain, Member of the Paris-based UNESCO Advisory Panel of Experts on Debt Swaps and Innovative Approaches to Education Financing, to the Secretary-General (35 C/Resolution 12, General Conference, 2009); Chairman of the Board of Directors of Professionals for Humanity, a non-profit serving medical and other humanitarian situations in Africa and the USA. Nominated for the World Economic Forum (WEF) Social Entrepreneur of the Year for the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Region 2010, and awarded by the World Bank Institute (WBI) and InfoDev for the EVOKE challenge on global issues and supporting social innovation around the world (Social Gaming): for wining among 10 projects out of 20,000 players, from 150 countries.

She has a Master’s Degree in Advanced Computer-Aided Design from Virginia Tech, USA.