Rania Ahmad Azaam Hamed

Rania Ahmad Azaam Hamed

Associate Professor, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan

Rania Hamed received her PhD in Pharmaceutics from the University of Iowa in 2011. During her PhD, she worked under the supervision of Prof. Jennifer Fiegel.

Dr. Hamed’s research was focused on the development of a more physiologically–relevant in vitro model that mimic native, non-diseased tracheal mucus to enable studying the surface properties of mucus and bioaerosol formation in the trachea.

After her graduation, she joined the Faculty of Pharmacy at Al–Zaytoonah University of Jordan as an assistant professor. There, she embarked on her research career in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery. Her research focuses on developing controlled–release matrix tablets using hydrophilic/ hydrophobic polymers, nanoemulsion–loaded hydrogels, oleogels and bigels for topical delivery, and determining the key parameters of the dissolution media that control the rate of dissolution of BCS class II drugs to better predict theirs in vivo performance.

She published 19 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and has 27 posters and/or oral talks in scientific meetings.  In July 2017, Dr. Hamed has got promoted to associate professor. In Sep 2019, she will start her post-doctoral Fulbright fellowship in the College of Pharmacy at Texas A & M University.