Professor Hanan Malkawi

Professor Hanan Malkawi

Vice-President for Science Engagement, Royal Scientific Society-RSS

Professor HananMalkawi is currently the Vice-President for Science Engagement at Royal Scientific Society-RSS (Jordan). She earned her Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences at Yarmouk University (YU)-Jordan, and then she was offered a scholarship from YU to get her M.Sc in Bacteriology & Public and then doctorate degree in Microbiology & Molecular Biology both at Washington State University-USA, after which she returned to Jordan and appointed as professor at Yarmouk University.

She has been heavily involved in research lines in biotechnology and bio-nanotechnology and their applications in environment, health, agriculture, microbiology, food & industry. She serves as the European Commission’s Higher Education Reform Expert (HEREs), for Jordan. Prof. Hanan is known for her devoted efforts in helping and inspiring young Jordanian scientists, and entrepreneurs, especially women, to pursue their graduate studies and research and build a career by assisting them with advice, mentorship and coaching and providing them with guidance and engaging them with society.

She registered several patents, has over 70 published papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. She received several awards and fellowships and is an active member in several national, regional and international committees, associations & organizations.

Prof. Malkawi has held several administrative positions: Vice President for Research & Int. Relations at YU, Dean of Scientific Research & Graduate Studies, Director of UNESCO Chair for Desert Studies, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Sciences, The Dean for Research & Doctoral studies at “Hamdan Bin Mohammad Smart University”, Dubai-UAE.