Phelisters Wegesa Marwa

Phelisters Wegesa Marwa


Phelisters works in the Ministry of Health Tanzania as a Quality Assurance Officer and International/Global Coordinator/ Rapporteur, she is a freelance writer, a volunteer, an MBA graduate, a Public Health Scholar, Health Researcher and also a Red cross research winner (Marladelen Hogs kola Sweden).

Phelisters is an award winner of the Pride of Africa Asia Award Volunteer and a public/motivational speaker, leader and a YALI Alumni.

The success of many projects as a young coordinator with a new creative driving force and vision from owning a personal small business venture has been a lesson and a switch on button to more handwork and creativity. The Ministry of Health Tanzania success in health quality management and other ventures with different countries to mention but a few; Japan (JICA), Netherlands (Pharm Access International), Malaysia (BRN Initiative) and many more. She has seen through opening and sharing to successful quality improved services in a young growing economy as Tanzania.

In order to drive the growth of young leaders and youth with towards global/ international vision, everyone should be creative and self initiative not to be too secluded rather go to forums, seminars, educational concerts that open up the way of thinking and perception.