Nada Hamzeh

Nada Hamzeh

Executive Director, MEPI Lebanon Alumni Association

Nada Hamzeh is a Country Director for International Projects has more than 20 years of experience as a Communications and Public Relations Manager. Nada has expertise in branding, image consultancy and media campaigns for non-profit organizations, government institutions, private sector and politicians.

She is a Master Trainer in Capacity Building, Social Media strategy, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Business Development Skills. Nada trained more than 1000 of nonprofits all over Lebanon and the Arab region. 

She managed the "Lebanon Award for Innovation" program that aims to award Lebanese citizens from around the globe who contribute to innovative ideas in all fields. She received the "Women Empowerment through ICT Award" or managing the “Women in Technology Program” in Lebanon that aimed to empower 10000 women through IT and business skills in nine countries under the management of “The Institute of International Education in California”. 

In 2013, Nada was named by Women Leaders' directory as one of 120 women leaders in Lebanon. 

Nada Hamzeh is currently the Executive Director of MEPI Lebanon Alumni Association, Senior Social Media strategist for International organizations, Communications and training expert at British Council" PoliYouth Project and University professor at Sagesse University. 

She presented keynote speeches in many countries and international conferences about women’s empowerment, media and digital security. 

Nada is a Board Member of MEPI Lebanese Alumni Association and "Women In IT” and a Member of the “Internet Society-Lebanon Chapter", “Press Club” and the “Children Online Safety”.