Mursal Ayobi

Mursal Ayobi


Mursal Ayobi is from Afghanistan and lives in a small town of Jalalabad 150 km east of capital city Kabul. She is 19 with lots of achievements and accomplishments.

She recently joined American University of Afghanistan, but because of some security problems in the university, she is looking for more opportunities to continue her studies in the field of Psychology.

She has attended some conferences. For Instance, Pamir International Model United Nations, Afghan Girls Leadership Program and other educational workshops. Joining these conferences increased her leadership skills, problem solving, decision making, managing and critical thinking.

Her homeland has been at war for years and these years of battle brought a great depression. Because of these wars people suffer from different physiological and mental disabilities. People suffering from such disabilities need someone with great power of convincing others with a successful educational background. Based on her academic qualities and daily life achievements, she believes she is a goal oriented, community driven and a very social person.