Michaella Njemina

Michaella Njemina

Sierra Leone

Michaella Njemina was born and raised in a rural community in Kono district, Eastern Region of Sierra Leone, where opportunities were limited. But she always has this self-belief in her that she wanted to make a positive contribution to her country, Sierra Leone.

As a child born during the civil war period in Sierra Leone, she has witnessed frequent loss of life as many of her extended family and friends succumbed to the deadly Ebola epidemic. As a result, she grew up with her extended family, surrounded by cousins and close friends who have been orphaned after the Ebola scourge.

However, Michaella is the founder and chief executive officer of Smart Girls Initiative Sierra Leone, and currently the public relations officer of Children Forum Network (CFN) Sierra Leone. She has dedicated her time in inspiring young girls and women within her community and the nation, and conduct awareness around them to know that they are change makers in their communities. She has been providing vital informative programs for girls and women, especially those in high risks and underserved areas.

Her vision and mission are central to their collective efforts in generating the much-needed awareness affecting women and girls in their communities.