Maria Kaltsogianni

Maria Kaltsogianni

Msc Mechanical Engineer - Head at Career, Liaison & Innovation Office, University of West Attica

Maria Kaltsogianni is Coordinator and Education Advisor, Publicity & Information Dissemination Manager of Career, Liaison, Technology Transfer & Innovation Office, University of West Attica.

Furthermore, she is Msc Mechanical Engineer, with specialty in Environmental Sustainable Development and recently graduated Business Administration Department. 

Maria Kaltsogianni has participated in several relevant networks Horizontal Action of Greek A.E.I.s, EUE-NET, CDO-NET, QPLANET, has organized along with the Liaison Office’s Personnel several events such as LIAISON 2013,2007,2005: FROM STUDY TO PROFESSIONAL LIFE”,CAREERS DAYS”,POSTGRADUATE STUDIES FAIR”, TOURISM – ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND LIAISON OFFICES”, has also coordinated and took part in relevant surveys & work packages and conducted several studies such as Career Path Monitoring Research, Labour Market Research, was a participant in the Archimedes Research Program I & II, EUE-Net project, Tempus project and member of the CDO-net since 2010.

Writer at several e-books such as 1) Career Path Monitoring Research(e-book), ISBN 978-618-5085-09-4 2) Labour Market Research (e-book), ISBN 978-618-5085-08-73) Career Management Guide in Greece & Abroad, ISBN 978-960-99431-6-1.

In 2016, she was selected to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) "Career Centers at U.S. Universities" funded by the “U.S. Department of State and the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Athens”.She has been President of the Administrative Staff Association Board of the UNIWA, (30/09/2018-14/11/2019), President of the PUAS ALUMNI Association Board, (30/9/2017-continued). Last but not least, she speaks Greek (mother tongue), English (Proficiency), French & German fluently and Turkish as well as a basic user.