Maria Andrea Perea Rodríguez

Maria Andrea Perea Rodríguez


María Andrea Perea Rodríguez is a young female leader, originally from Mexico. In June 2021 she graduated from university, obtaining a bachelor’s degree with a major in International Relations and a minor In Global Trade at Universidad de Monterrey.

Maria Andrea is a hardworking and oriented person, she is persistent with her goals, which is why she is always seeking a way to learn more, improve & develop herself and offer her hard and soft skills with the rest.

Currently, she is working in the private field, where she is learning a lot and practicing all her knowledge and skills; still, her goal is to make a positive impact in the world, step by step, alongside all the change-makers, which will involve her as well, in the public, social and nonprofit fields. 

She is passionate about equality, human rights, getting new knowledge, and serving others, that is why she has been a member and volunteer in different youth organizations, such as Millennium Fellowship, Jovenes que Impactan and Jovenes de la Alianza del Pacífico.