Malak Kassem Safa

Malak Kassem Safa


Malak Safa is a Lebanese social activist, and a young female leader, works in the humanitarian field with UNRWA in the south of Lebanon to support Palestinian refugees.

Previously, she worked with a number of INGOs, such as, Save the Children International. She is also the co-founder of Patriotic Vision Association in Lebanon, and a member of UNDP Youth Leadership Program (YLP3) network in the MENA region, and a Middle East Partnership Initiative Alumni.

On 2015 she participated as a change-maker in LANA HAK campaign which aimed to advocate for female participation into political life. On 2018 Malak developed an initiative to promote youth and female participation at municipal level and support municipal work by enhancing the current practices and adoption of participatory governance approach.

Over the last two years, she has participated in regional and international conferences focused on youth leadership including the 2018 United Nations Eco-Soc Youth Forum in New York, in addition to participating in the Leaders For Democracy fellowship program in the U.S. Malak is completing a Master in Educational Administration.