Khouloud Baghouri

Khouloud Baghouri


Khouloud Ben Mansour Baghouri is a 24 years old student pursuing a bachelor degree in Science with a Major in Chemistry. As she grew up and went through a variety of experiences, the passion of leading and helping others allowed her to discover the path she wanted to go on. Khouloud had the honour of attending simulations of the United Nations, which she has used extensively to assess herself socially and professionally.

Then as Chair of the Climate Change and Environmental Protection Committee in Morocco, during this experience she had the opportunity to train delegates on United Nations procedures, assess their progress in diplomatic discourse and evaluate their resolutions. Khouloud also ran campaigns on the latter for the goals of sustainable development and gender equality.

In August 2016 she was honoured to be selected for the SDG Camp which worked on the Sustainable Development Goals by encouraging the innovative ideas of youth projects sponsored by UNDP and UNFPA in which her project won Third place. Currently, she takes charge of various positions in associative life and civil commitment. Member of NAIMUN, Leader and project promoter for I AM THAT Girl Local Chapter, a volunteer with Corruption Free Society, Alumni of Yala Citizen Journalism Program. Khouloud was selected in October among the 17 Tunisian leaders for the Hannibal Operation. She is the Youth Ambassador with the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network.

In addition, she has just completed her online volunteer certificate from the NGO URIDU, which is a non-profit and non-partisan organization enabling rural women in developing and emerging countries to have access to health education. Now, she is gladly a Global Youth Ambassador for “A World at School” Org, a National Board– External Relations Responsible at Leadership Development Association – Tunisia Local Chapter. A U.S Department of State MEPI Student Leaders Program Alumna, and proudly a Female African leader. Khouloud has an understanding of humanitarian contexts as she has taken in charge of multiple tasks at such a young age.