Joelle Abou Farhat

Joelle Abou Farhat

Co-Founder & President, Fiftyfifty NGO, Lebanon

Holder of a BA degree in Journalism and Press Agencies, Joelle Abou Farhat Rizkallah has worked in the Media field for many years as a reporter and “Press Attaché”.

In 2010, She founded her own communication agency, which she is currently running under the name of “JO Branding Advertising” It is specialized in Political branding for public figures (with a special program for women).

Joelle is the founder of the SMPPDâ personal assessment program. It’s a personal evaluation done at 5 levels (Socially, Morally, Professionally, Physically, Digitally) with women who aim at reaching higher levels of leadership in Politics. Joelle has contributed enormously in the huge increase of female candidates ‘number in 2018 parliamentary elections in Lebanon (From 12 candidates in 2009 to 113 candidates in 2018). She and her team were able to empower, encourage and push 113 women to run for office through different programs and media campaigns.

Joelle is a big supporter for women in politics. In 2012, She co-founded “Women in Front”, an association that encourages women to engage into politics aiming at increasing the number of Lebanese women in politics and public life. In 2019, she decided to restructure the NGO and include men on board, to support women in reaching equality. She created Fiftyfifty NGO that aims at instating equality at all levels especially in political and public life. Joelle has managed and supervised more than 15 projects on women political empowerment. She was able to create a network including the 113 candidates for office, in addition to 500 women, supporting the cause and encouraging more female to engage in public office in Lebanon.

Joelle is knowledgeable in Electoral Systems, Gender Quota and Political debates techniques. She and her team initiated the 1st political debate on Lebanese TV (LBCI) in 2016, enabling women to debate about political hot topics with their male counterparts. She is also fighting to reform the electoral law to include women’s quota. Joelle has also created and presented a socio-political talk show on MTV called “Ento Min”. It was to 1st political talk show to host in every episode political Leaders from both genders (Male & Female). It was broadcasted ahead of the parliamentary Elections in May 2018.

Joelle is also member of: 

  • “Women in Parliament”, a coalition that is lobbying to increase women representation in politics.
  • The Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB).
  • Blessing Foundation (Mentoring Program) as a Business Mentor for 3 consecutive years.
  • Member of Vital Voices 100 based in DC, it’s a global network for women in Business

She also Completed a program entitled VVEngage political leadership program supported by Harvard University that provided technical skills and leadership development in politics to 22 women leaders from 18 countries in the world.

Joelle has recently received the “Evelyne Bustros” award for her work on empowering women in politics. Joelle’s profile is featured as a prominent Lebanese woman leader in “Who is she” Lebanon.