Grazia Giuliani aka GiGi

Grazia Giuliani aka GiGi


Grazia Giuliani AKA GiGi is an author, researcher, cultural and social curator and a passionate cook.

A curious mind, GiGi embraces and blends disciplines unifying her professional life with a lifestyle centred around fostering a community through her initiative FLAVOURED.IT, which sees culture as a tool for social, ethical and environmental impact.

Food as nourishment of the body and the spirit is expressed in her book Versatile: Cooking and Living Italian - which has been a literary instrument for her desire to deepen these values.

Spirituality, meditation, outreaching the less fortunate also play a big part in GiGi’s commitment to social, ethical and environmental projects, which have seen her active in the UK, Palestine, Jerusalem, Italy, Spain and Mexico.

GiGi is also an outspoken voice highlighting economic abuse and misjustice against women.