Gary Horsley

Gary Horsley

Strategic Communications Consultant

For more than 35 years Gary has been a consultant on international communications issues, helping to shape strategies that reach out to client audiences, markets and partners across the globe.

During that time he has worked with major industrials, professional services, government departments and NGOs, helping them to communicate effectively across different cultures. He has extensive experience of working with European and other international institutions, devising strategy and managing communications actions for areas as diverse as EU external relations, R&D, development, and humanitarian operations. 

For much of the last 12 years, Gary was at the heart of a media consultation involving journalists and associated media interests from EU Member States and the countries on the Union’s borders to the South and East. Discussion and analysis in more than 30 conferences, seminars and workshops tackled key issues for the region: migration, terrorism, human rights, racism and xenophobia, reporting conflict and media freedom. It also resulted in the coming together of a network of journalists focused around common professional interests. With Gary’s guidance, progressive cooperation between those involved led in 2017 to the establishment of the EuroMed Media Network, now cooperating with GTF on media issues.