Ephraim Gergis

Ephraim Gergis


Ephraim Gergis is Egyptian, 24 years old. He is a German University graduate in Cairo - faculty of Pharmacy 2016.

He currently studies 2 master’s programs: 1- Management and Organizational Leadership. 2- Theology. He is currently establishing his private business offering Transcription, Translation and Subtitling services in addition to being a freelancer Healthcare Marketing Researcher since he is a Pharmacist. Ephraim speaks Arabic and English fluently, in addition to having a B1 certificate in German language.

He also has a successful volunteering leading position in YMCA – Egypt (YMCA is the oldest and the largest young organization in the world). In addition to being chosen by his country to be a global Change Agent representing Egypt in various World-YMCA events in Portugal, Switzerland and the World Council in Thailand, in addition to being the national coordinator of his country to for the largest global YMCA event next year in London.

He likes playing chess and he is a well-knowledgeable person in History, Philosophy and Geography.