Enid Mirembe

Enid Mirembe


Enid Mirembe is commonly also known as the Rolex QUEEN because of founding the Rolex venture.

Her clients range from, YOUTH, WOMEN IN street food business who are striving for break-through performances to developing social impact programs to drive inclusive growth&dev’t.

Enid was born in Kampala district, Uganda. She comes from a family of 13 members with both parents alive.

In 2012, Enid worked with Sylvia Owori fashion House the biggest at the time as a floor manager, then in 2013 kicked off her career during an internship at Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation as a programs assistant, as a customer care agent as an Intern. This highly improved her interpersonal communication skills.

In 2015, she contested for Miss Tourism Uganda and was crowned Miss Tourism Eastern Region 2015/2016, this Pageant gives the girl child space to express herself while showcasing Tourism in the space. The Rolex was picked on as a sustainable project to take on after the pageant.

In 2016 Enid founded the Rolex Initiative and its flagship the Rolex festival which has been celebrated 7 times annually. With Rolex Initiative they have been able to grow from just a food festival to building a community of street food vendors, especially youth and women. Rolex Initiative was crowned BEST food event of the year 2019 by Ekkula Pear of Africa Tourism Awards.

Enid was also entrusted as the Youth project Tourism coordinator of the minister of state for Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities.